No Conjunction, Only Injunction for Limewire

We all know about Limewire and what it does. We all knew about Napster and what it did. So just like Napster, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to take action and shut them down.

As of October 26th, Limewire was forced to stop all functionality, which includes searches, downloads, transfers, upload, etc. As a result of the injunction Limewire version 5.5.11 has ceased all functionality, but reports across the web say that 5.5.10 or earlier versions of Limewire are still functioning just fine. Why has the injunction not affected them? Well, I’ll be honest, I couldn’t figure that out. I tried to contact Lime Company, but never received a reply e-mail or phone call. So it would seem they have fallen silent.

On the Lime Company homepage you can read a short post, about how disappointed everyone is to see Limewire go. But one comment in this post almost makes it seem like they are blaming the users for the “shut down.”

“While we have enabled open sharing and discovery for the past decade, Limewire is mostly the product of the people who used it. You made Limewire.”

The ending statement almost points the finger at the users. Lime Company provided the service, and users abused it. You shouldn’t download illegally, and it is a great step forward for the Internet and everyone affected by illegal downloads.

One thing did catch my eye in my research: a small sentence posted on Lime Company’s website.

“Our team of technologists and music enthusiasts is creating a completely new music service that puts you back at the center of your digital music experience.”

What could this new project be? When will it be released? Well, we’re not sure at this moment, but it very well could be something to fill the void Limewire has left behind.

Originally posted on Technorati.



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