Wave Good-bye to Google Wave!

Wave goodbye to Google Wave, once and for all!

Yes it is true; Google is officially pulling the plug on Google Wave. The official report states that “we (Google) are not continuing active development of Google Wave as a stand-alone product.” But for all you people out there who like, or even love Google Wave, there is still hope. Google is working on an open source project called Wave in a box, which will make Google wave accessible through Google Docs.

Wave in a box has made significant growth, and Apache Software Foundation has accepted it into its incubator for new projects. It is Google’s hope that with the release of Wave in a box, and the wave protocol, that Wave will in fact live on — live on in a private server that is. You can find the Wave protocol here.

Wave.Google.com will remain up into later this year, when a suitable replacement can be found that will host all of the waves. Until then, zip files can be downloaded and stored until needed and or until a suitable Wave substitute can be found.

So what will become of Wave? Well, nothing is for sure, but Google has said it plans to integrate it into other Google services. Which is what most, if not all Wave users suggested upon its release, didn’t they? So perhaps we will ride the Google Wave again someday, or like various other Google projects (like the Google video Codec, Google video, etc.) it will be but a pile of code on the backup drives of a server.

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