McDonald’s Should Turn the Tables on Happy Meal Lawsuit

Monet Parham, a mother of two, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest are suing McDonald’s simply because Ms. Parham can’t control her little hellions. I feel McDonald’s should sue her for bad parenting, and raising these hellions.

According to reports, Ms. Parham’s children constantly whine for McDonald’s because the meals have toys. So a class action lawsuit has been filed in an attempt to have the toys and toy ads removed from meals.

Call me crazy, but if Ms. Parham could say “No!” to her children and act like a parent instead of a fool, her kids wouldn’t whine and be constantly out of control.

In November I observed an incident in a Barnes & Noble bookstore. As I was leaving the store a five-year-old child began pulling books off of an end-cap shelf. When I asked him where his parents were, he responded, “I don’t know.” Then he continued to throw books. I asked him if he should be doing that, and again his response amazed me: “My mommy is a pushover, because Daddy said so, and they don’t care.”

It is parents like these and Ms. Parham who help feed our prisons, create alcoholics and junkies, and strain our society.

So I say to all the “Parham” parents: Perhaps you should take a parenting class, and then step up to the plate instead of letting your hellion children run wild.

Originally posted on Blogcritics.


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