Putting a Price on a Pet’s Life


You’re dog has the canine Parvovirus, one of the deadliest viruses a canine can catch. Without plenty of fluids and an IV your dog’s survival rate is in the low 10% range, even less if your dog is still a pup, or elderly.

What do you do?

Take your dog to the vet of course. But be prepared to spend an estimated average of $3,000 or more (VCA Veterinary Estimated Cost) and in the case of home care treatment you run the risk of death even more. With a 91% mortality rate, Parvo treatment at home will run you an estimated $350 to $1,500.

Priceless or a Gold Mine?

To the average pet owner, your pet’s life is priceless. You would do anything for your pets, treating them as if they were your own children, part of the family. In some cases a pet’s life may outweigh your own.

Sadly, to the typical vet, your pet is a gold mine. If you don’t have the mortgage payment in hand when you arrive at the vet’s, then they won’t see you. The sad truth is that a vet’s office is a place of business. Most vets will not work with payment plans, or loans, while the ones that do make it extremely hard on the owners.

Don’t misinterpret.

Please don’t get me wrong. Some vets are great, but in my experience it seems that some vets, like some doctors, would rather take your money, than take your pet. Some people get into the veterinary field to help animals. Some people actually care. But others, as in the big corporate world, are in it only for the money.

The Remedy?

There is no real cure for Parvo, or many other illnesses that afflict our pets. One can just hope for the best, and administer what medication or treatment is recommended and readily available.

If you ask our vet, Dr. Greed, he will simply tell you that “If you can’t afford the vet bill, then you shouldn’t have a pet.”

Originally posted on Blogcritics.


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