Letter to the Media Industry!

Charlie Sheen is on another drug & alcohol streak. BIG SURPRISE THERE!

I love the media world for all its glory, and hate it for all its sheer stupidity. Perhaps I am being a bit blunt, but in a world were the media affect our day-to-day lives, they sure do miss what the big picture.

How about instead of every news station across America, “informing” us that Charlie Sheen is doing more cocaine or that Justin Bieber has strep throat and won’t be able to do his latest tour, let’s focus on something truly news worthy.

How about that 8.9 earthquake in Japan, followed by the Tsunami?

Reports show that thousands are missing or dead! But for whatever reason, when the sun sets on our world we start to lose interest. But the real life fear, tragedy, danger, and horror will still be present in the land of the rising sun. They won’t forget! So why do we? Because the media feels that the upcoming Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump is more important.

Remember the dead, fight for the living!

Today in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, 237 casualties were reported. These casualties were a mixture of U.S. and Coalition forces. These solders will never see their families again, and there families will never see them alive again. Why does this take a back seat to Jersey Shore!?

Correction – We the people share the blame!

I consider myself part of the media, as I’m sure does everyone at Blogcritics and Technorati. I don’t mean to put all the blame on any one industry, because it isn’t entirely the media’s fault. Some people, and I would go as far to say most people in the media, are doing their best to report what’s important: true news. But they seem to be blocked by the fluff pieces. Why? Because we would rather hear about a godlike superstar falling from the pedestal upon which we placed him, than look at the horrors of the real world, and learn. The people almost force the media to report on the fluff, instead of the hard truths!

To the people of the media, and users of the media, I say to you, “No more shall we glorify people like Charlie Sheen! No more should the Mega Ball winner be plastered all over our media!”

Let us report the news! Let us save the media, and return it to its true & original purpose — To inform! If you want entertainment, then watch a sitcom!

Originally posted on Blogcritics.


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