Sac City Express staff win 13 awards

NorCal JACC recognizes campus newspaper

Online Staff | | Originally posted on Sac City Express.

Members of the Sac City Express participated in the Journalism Association of Community Colleges Northern California conference Sept. 22 — along with approximately 200 students from campuses across all of Northern California—at which the Express won 13 awards, one of which was for general excellence for the overall news publication.

Among the winners was Express photographer Richard Hanna, who won two awards including first place for a photo he shot at a Panthers’ football game and fourth place for a sports feature photo.

Other winners included Yvonne Santy for an opinions article, Evan E. Duran who won two fourth place photo awards, and David Renteria who won fourth place for a critical review.

“Being a photographer, you can take a picture and think it looks terrible, but because I’m on the level where people say it’s good, it validates it,” said Hanna.

Some of the events that took place at the day-long JACC conference included an alternative press workshop held by Kel Munger, editorial coordinator at Sacramento News & Review and a professor at City College, a former alumni of Sac State Britney Bradley who had a workshop on writing sex columns, and a media attorney Paul Boylan, who presented a workshop called, “A Guide to Investigative Journalism: What to do When a Government Agency Says No”.

“I think that it’s really amazing when you work with a group of people for a year and you look up to some of those people and you watch people who are just starting out kind of get their feet wet,” said Express News Editor Matt Joye, who received an honorable mention for a news story. “To be able to see someone like Evan Duran or Yvonne Santy get recognized for hard work, it makes it feel like that work pays off.”

JACC holds two conferences in the fall—one for Northern and one forSouthern Californiaschools—and a state conference each spring. During the conferences, workshops are held and awards are presented to college newspapers that display consistent quality. The JACC program is designed to provide extended educational opportunities to journalism students and instructors inArizonaandCalifornia.

According to a press release, the awards were based on entries from articles, photographs and designs published in the Express during the 2011-2012 academic year.

“I think school is your foundation. You hear a lot of photographers say ‘you don’t need a degree,’ but school is where you get your foundation,” said Hanna. “Award or no award, as long as I get validation from my peers, I’m happy.”

A full list of Sac City Express winners is below, and a full list of conference winners can be viewed at



Express,SacramentoCityCollege(one of five inNorthern California)


1st, Richard Hanna


3rd, Yvonne Santy


4th, David Renteria


4th, Richard Hanna


4th, Kate Paloy and Jeff Rawlinson


4th, Evan E. Duran and Pa Vang


4th, Evan E. Duran

Honorable Mentions


Matt M. Joye


Angelo Mabalot


Express Editorial Staff


Tony Wallin (on-the-spot)

Jeff Rawlinson



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