Wikimedia’s new commons app

Now Commons contributors can upload and view photos from their handheld devices.

The “my uploads” view on the Commons app for iOS. Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The “my uploads” view on the Commons app for iOS.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia

While not uncommon, it is still rare to see apps release simultaneously for Android & iOS. Wikimedia has released an app for their open Commons community, which is a database of over 16 million freely usable media files, that will allow users to view and upload photos to the Wiki Commons from anywhere in the world, and in turn breaks them free of their laptops and computers. Though this app is still in its beta stage.

“You can also upload multiple files and add categories (Android only so far) and share your uploads through your favorite image sharing sites.” Maryana Pinchuk, Associate Product Manager of the Wikimedia Foundation said in the announcement posted to their blog, “We also look forward to being able to run more campaigns like Wiki Loves Monuments, encouraging expert Commons users and people new to Wikimedia projects alike to contribute to high-need content areas.”

As always Wikimedia is asking for feedback and input from their community. You can download your respective version below, or if you don’t have an iOS or Android device you can use one of their many mobile friendly versions. If you encounter a bug or have a suggestion in relation to the Commons app they do ask that you let them know here.


Originally published on The Daily Widget


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