Congress can now live stream on YouTube

Following the state of the union and other political events Congress has the ability to live stream their sessions.

us-congress-logo2A year ago YouTube started to live stream events such as concerts, conferences, and political events. One event that has utilized YouTube’s live streaming technology is the presidents state of the union address.

Today YouTube announced that Congress now has the ability to live stream their events. A “Dear Colleagues  letter has been issued by both the house and the senate.

The letter from the senate said that last August the senate approved the use of UStream to broadcast events, however the service did charge a fee. But through YouTube they will be able to broadcast for free.

This free service complies fully with Senate Internet Regulations. YouTube already complies with this regulation, under an earlier negotiated agreement, and now will extend that policy to live-stream videos. Senate offices will not have to pay to live-stream video content on their existing official YouTube channels.

The House has also been approved to you the new YouTube tool, but in their letter they wanted to remind their members that they have other tools available to them.

While YouTube Live is the latest addition to the list of video tools available, there are several other tools that offices continue to take advantage of.  For example, the Office of the Clerk provides live, streaming video of House Floor activities through HouseLive.

Youtube said in their blog “Whether it’s to share a look into your daily work, broadcast speeches and meetings, or showcase events in your state or district, we can’t wait to see how you connect with your constituents.” It will be interesting to see how the Congress uses this new tool.

Originally published on The Daily Widget.


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