Facebook friends can help you log in

After two years Facebook introduces Trusted Friends, people who can help you log in when you can’t.

Trusted Contacts, originally branded as Trusted Friends, can be thought of as a kind of two-step verification. Which has been improved and redesigned, according to Facebook.

To give you more control over your account security, you can now choose and manage your trusted contacts anytime from your Security Settings, instead of only when you’re having trouble accessing your account. That way, you can personally choose friends you really trust to help you.

Facebook said they will be giving your trusted contacts more information throughout the processes to help move it along.


When setting your Trusted Contacts up through your security settings, you are allowed to choose three to five friends. Now instead of remembering the answer to your security questions you can give your friend a call and have them help you regain access to your account.

Your friend or friends will receive a code, and once you have at least three of those codes you can enter them on Facebook and you’ll be granted access to your account.

Originally published on The Daily Widget.


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