Letter to the Media Industry!

Charlie Sheen is on another drug & alcohol streak. BIG SURPRISE THERE!

I love the media world for all its glory, and hate it for all its sheer stupidity. Perhaps I am being a bit blunt, but in a world were the media affect our day-to-day lives, they sure do miss what the big picture.

How about instead of every news station across America, “informing” us that Charlie Sheen is doing more cocaine or that Justin Bieber has strep throat and won’t be able to do his latest tour, let’s focus on something truly news worthy.

How about that 8.9 earthquake in Japan, followed by the Tsunami?

Reports show that thousands are missing or dead! But for whatever reason, when the sun sets on our world we start to lose interest. But the real life fear, tragedy, danger, and horror will still be present in the land of the rising sun. They won’t forget! So why do we? Because the media feels that the upcoming Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump is more important.

Remember the dead, fight for the living!

Today in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, 237 casualties were reported. These casualties were a mixture of U.S. and Coalition forces. These solders will never see their families again, and there families will never see them alive again. Why does this take a back seat to Jersey Shore!?

Correction – We the people share the blame!

I consider myself part of the media, as I’m sure does everyone at Blogcritics and Technorati. I don’t mean to put all the blame on any one industry, because it isn’t entirely the media’s fault. Some people, and I would go as far to say most people in the media, are doing their best to report what’s important: true news. But they seem to be blocked by the fluff pieces. Why? Because we would rather hear about a godlike superstar falling from the pedestal upon which we placed him, than look at the horrors of the real world, and learn. The people almost force the media to report on the fluff, instead of the hard truths!

To the people of the media, and users of the media, I say to you, “No more shall we glorify people like Charlie Sheen! No more should the Mega Ball winner be plastered all over our media!”

Let us report the news! Let us save the media, and return it to its true & original purpose — To inform! If you want entertainment, then watch a sitcom!

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Putting a Price on a Pet’s Life


You’re dog has the canine Parvovirus, one of the deadliest viruses a canine can catch. Without plenty of fluids and an IV your dog’s survival rate is in the low 10% range, even less if your dog is still a pup, or elderly.

What do you do?

Take your dog to the vet of course. But be prepared to spend an estimated average of $3,000 or more (VCA Veterinary Estimated Cost) and in the case of home care treatment you run the risk of death even more. With a 91% mortality rate, Parvo treatment at home will run you an estimated $350 to $1,500.

Priceless or a Gold Mine?

To the average pet owner, your pet’s life is priceless. You would do anything for your pets, treating them as if they were your own children, part of the family. In some cases a pet’s life may outweigh your own.

Sadly, to the typical vet, your pet is a gold mine. If you don’t have the mortgage payment in hand when you arrive at the vet’s, then they won’t see you. The sad truth is that a vet’s office is a place of business. Most vets will not work with payment plans, or loans, while the ones that do make it extremely hard on the owners.

Don’t misinterpret.

Please don’t get me wrong. Some vets are great, but in my experience it seems that some vets, like some doctors, would rather take your money, than take your pet. Some people get into the veterinary field to help animals. Some people actually care. But others, as in the big corporate world, are in it only for the money.

The Remedy?

There is no real cure for Parvo, or many other illnesses that afflict our pets. One can just hope for the best, and administer what medication or treatment is recommended and readily available.

If you ask our vet, Dr. Greed, he will simply tell you that “If you can’t afford the vet bill, then you shouldn’t have a pet.”

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500px App Released for Android

The app called 500px, a popular photo sharing alternative to Flickr, has finally released on Android on April 19.

Their iOS app has been a smash hit for their users, and many have praised it for a sleek minimalist design. “The app takes cues from our iPad app, which is praised by its minimalistic and beautiful interface and focus on large, beautiful photos.” 500px said in their blog post upon release.

Taking queues from this success they have built their android counterpart to much of the same design.

The app will allow users to log-in or to sign up for a 500px account. View full resolution photos, share the photos across various social networks like Twitter and Facebook. As well as the standard favoring, commenting, and reading functions that come with most social apps.

One thing that catches the eye is the ability to read the EXIF information and location. Essentially the EXIF information is a collection of data that cameras, scanners, video cameras, and even tape recorders store on the file.

While the need to read a photos EXIF information isn’t crucial, I know as a photographer that it is something that you want to do from time to time. It gives people a more technical look at the file.

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McDonald’s Should Turn the Tables on Happy Meal Lawsuit

Monet Parham, a mother of two, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest are suing McDonald’s simply because Ms. Parham can’t control her little hellions. I feel McDonald’s should sue her for bad parenting, and raising these hellions.

According to reports, Ms. Parham’s children constantly whine for McDonald’s because the meals have toys. So a class action lawsuit has been filed in an attempt to have the toys and toy ads removed from meals.

Call me crazy, but if Ms. Parham could say “No!” to her children and act like a parent instead of a fool, her kids wouldn’t whine and be constantly out of control.

In November I observed an incident in a Barnes & Noble bookstore. As I was leaving the store a five-year-old child began pulling books off of an end-cap shelf. When I asked him where his parents were, he responded, “I don’t know.” Then he continued to throw books. I asked him if he should be doing that, and again his response amazed me: “My mommy is a pushover, because Daddy said so, and they don’t care.”

It is parents like these and Ms. Parham who help feed our prisons, create alcoholics and junkies, and strain our society.

So I say to all the “Parham” parents: Perhaps you should take a parenting class, and then step up to the plate instead of letting your hellion children run wild.

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Wave Good-bye to Google Wave!

Wave goodbye to Google Wave, once and for all!

Yes it is true; Google is officially pulling the plug on Google Wave. The official report states that “we (Google) are not continuing active development of Google Wave as a stand-alone product.” But for all you people out there who like, or even love Google Wave, there is still hope. Google is working on an open source project called Wave in a box, which will make Google wave accessible through Google Docs.

Wave in a box has made significant growth, and Apache Software Foundation has accepted it into its incubator for new projects. It is Google’s hope that with the release of Wave in a box, and the wave protocol, that Wave will in fact live on — live on in a private server that is. You can find the Wave protocol here.

Wave.Google.com will remain up into later this year, when a suitable replacement can be found that will host all of the waves. Until then, zip files can be downloaded and stored until needed and or until a suitable Wave substitute can be found.

So what will become of Wave? Well, nothing is for sure, but Google has said it plans to integrate it into other Google services. Which is what most, if not all Wave users suggested upon its release, didn’t they? So perhaps we will ride the Google Wave again someday, or like various other Google projects (like the Google video Codec, Google video, etc.) it will be but a pile of code on the backup drives of a server.

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It’s a Chrome OS Christmas

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through the house not a nerd was stirring, not even the wireless mouse. All the stockings were hung, by the computer with care, in hopes that Google Chrome OS would soon be here.

Yes, it’s true, folks, Google has finally taken the next step in the Chrome OS project. That step is the Chrome OS pilot program. Through the pilot program two things can happen.

First: Everyday people like you can finally test out the Chrome OS. The program makes the Chrome OS computer available to business, education, Non-Profits, developers, and even individual use. Way to go Google, finally someone has recognized that the people should be allowed to test the products, not just the companies.

Second: Google gets to receive feedback, bug reports, suggestions, and see what the people think about their latest innovation.

The lucky few who are accepted into the pilot program will receive a Cr-48 Chrome notebook.

The Cr-48 will come equipped with the Chrome OS ready to go in only 10 seconds. That is without a doubt a record start-up time for any computer system. A built in Wi-Fi & 3G card, as well as the standard wire hookup. With your new notebook you can stream videos to your 12 “ LCD monitor, then impress your friends about it via your favorite social network using your fully loaded keyboard and over-sized touchpad.  If you want, you can use the built-in webcam to create a quick video for your YouTube channel. For those of you who are always on the go, you have the luxury of knowing this notebook has an eight-hour battery life (when being actively used) and a week standby battery life. To top this all off, this beauty of a laptop will only weigh about 3.8 pounds. So it is a must for travelers.

But Google did leave four things out. Only one thing is actually a downside in my opinion, but even that can be avoided. There is no spinning disk, no caps-lock key, function key, and though we will all miss them so much Google has chosen to opt out of the lap burn feature, most notebooks come with. DAMN!
So as the holiday season rolls around, and all the major end of the year holidays begin, some lucky folks will have the luxury of typing away on their new Google Chrome Cr-48 Chrome notebooks.

If you want to be one of the few lucky Chrome pilot program testers please shoot on over to the a target pilot page here, and sign up before December 21st at 11:59 PM.

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Browser Review: RockMelt Vs. Flock

The Internet is like space. Hell, it even has its own term, “Cyber Space,” and it – just like space – goes on forever. The four most popular Internet trends are; social networking, E-Mail, blogging, and internet shopping.

The Internet has grown along with these and many more features. Just recently in the past few years, it has evolved to help link them all together via – these little pestering things we all get invites for – apps. Link your Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Gmail, Blog, RSS feeds, and everything else to one account. But what happens when Chromium (An open source browser engine developed by Google) – changes all that?

Well it has. Chromium has helped to create one of the fastest & rapidly growing popular browsers (Google Chrome.) But thanks to this engine, other browsers have been birthed. Two of which are what we in the Technology world have labeled “Social Media Browsers.” These are browsers that link everything; Facebook, Twitter, Email and so on, within the browser itself. These two revolutionary browsers I speak of are Flock & RockMelt.

Let’s start with Flock. This browser was originally built using Mozilla open source code that Firefox runs off of. But now runs on the Chromium engine. The installment of this browser is as simple and exactly the same as installing Chrome. But once you launch Flock, for the first time, you have the option of importing all your favorites, bookmarks, and other information.

It also has its own account feature. The Flock account keeps all your social networking and account information secure. It allows you to link your accounts to a general or master account. So you must log in to a master account (as it were) to access your social stream. Compared to Chrome itself, and taking into account all the streaming social network information this browser does and can take in, I’d say it’s pretty fast.

The only thing I don’t like about this browser is that upon importing all your information, I found my Bookmarks and the like to be a little… screwy. But hey nothing is perfect, especially if it is Internet related!

Next is my favorite browser. Obviously you can tell which one I like most already, and which one essentially “Wins” in this article. RockMelt is another Chromium powered browser. It has recently entered its public Beta stage. All you have to do is connect your Facebook profile via the RockMelt website, then wait to receive a Beta invite within the next few days. Most people seem to get it within 42 hours.

Then once you get the Beta invite, there is the standard Chromium browser set-up. Then here comes the catch, you pretty much have to give RockMelt supreme control of you’re Facebook. Admittedly I did think twice before hitting the approve button. Overall the RockMelt browser shares a lot in common with Flocks design, Menu, and User Interface.

There are a few UI problems, for example your social stream (Called EDGE) can disappear and become unavailable from time to time. The Twitter feed goes dead and at times can be completely useless. But all this comes down to is that it’s a Beta program and still and has a lot of room to grow, improve – and has serious potential.

At the end for the day, I would suggest both of these browsers to anyone involved in the social media world, of the internet.

I give Flock a 3.5 out of 5, for a very original idea, and great features, that kept me browsing.

I give RockMelt a 4 out of 5, for a slim design, great integration and customization.

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